All I Want For Christmas...

It's that time of the year again ladies and gentleman... Christmas is upon us and I'm trying to to curb my trips to Starbucks for the oh so naughty but nice eggnog lattes. I am also getting carried away thinking about what I want this year which isn't any different from my everyday really but Christmas just makes it feel a little more acceptable! Most importantly though, I am looking forward for some time with family relaxing in the English countryside or snuggled up with a good book and a cup of tea. This year I've put a little wishlist together to share with you all of the items I'm currently lusting over.


Shop the look below!

Starting from the top left is an army green bomber from 'Saint Laurent' which is just classic and I could really see it working in various seasons! The black leather biker on my list is by 'Tom Ford' and I am just in LOVE with this jacket the leather the texture of the leather and the details on this jacket are simply divine but it's definitely an investment piece at nearly £5k! Next on my list is a black hat 'Maison Michel' which may come as a surprise to those who know me as I've never been much of a hat person but once you see this exquisite millinery in the flesh it's hard not to deny it's beauty. To the right on my list is a scarf by 'Givenchy' that does actually have its famous Rottweiler print on it which I probably wouldn't have on any other item, however, I think it works quite well for a scarf and the colour scheme will definitely fit into my wardrobe.

The grey sweatshirt on the second row of my list is by 'T by Alexander Wang' and is just a wardrobe staple no explanation needed! To the right of the sweatshirt is a pair of 'Tom Ford' leather sneakers that are just classic as well and every guy or girl should have a pair or something similar in their wardrobe! Next we have a gorgeous black bag by 'Saint Laurent' as I'm in the market for a new bag this one really caught my eye as I tend to go for a more structured bag and I always love a bit of croc whether it's real or embossed! To the right of the bag is a lovely black leather embossed iphone 6 case by 'Hadoro' which I love because it's real leather but also functional.

One of my favourite items on the third row my list is the 'Saint Laurent' military boots which is a wardrobe staple for me and would certainly be a welcomed upgrade from my current pair. The last pair of shoes on my list may come as a surprise because I even surprised myself as the 'Adidas Yeezy Boost' sneakers have really grown on me and I really want a pair in the above colour-way. The lip balm above the Yeezys is by a newer brand called 'The Alchemist' that has really caught my eye with its clean minimal packaging and must be added to the lip collection. The perfume on my list is 'Black Orchid by Tom Ford' which has been my fragrance for the past 9 years and will definitely continue being my go to winter fragrance indefinitely! The 'Chanel' nail polish featured on my list is called 'Secret 625' and is a perfect classic pinky nude colour. The glasses on my list are by 'Tom Ford' in a grey tone as the black has sadly been discontinued but luckily I love grey so I'm still excited to receive them. Last on my list is the 'Super Elixir' by Wellco which is an amazing green vitamin & mineral powder blend with 45 key ingredients and what a better way to kick off the New Year than with a health boosting elixir!

What's on your wishlist this year? I would love to see what items you are fawning over as well... Feel free to share a link in the comment section below!