My big 3-0 Leo Birthday Wishlist!

As some of you may know my 30th birthday is quickly approaching and I'm already feeling the Leo season like woah... Instead of totally freaking out which I still kind of am deep down I've decided to put together a wishlist of all the nice things I can have and want now I'm nearly 30. I went ahead and decided to treat myself to all the Tom Ford bits & Versace cup as well as some other bits not pictured but there's still much to be desired! 

As for my birthday itself I decided to stick to tradition at least another year and have a Mexican dinner in Notting Hill followed a tequila/margarita fuelled evening of fun. Because 30 is totally the new 20 right? Who else has a birthday coming up? Would love to see what's on your wish lists this year! 


Click the images below to shop the items on my birthday wish list now.